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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Seeking questions and suggestions for issues to cover in this blog

Blogs typically, and appropriately, express the author's thoughts, opinions and information on topics chosen from time to time by the blog's author.

I've decided here to invite readers to suggest topics on which I might comment, or to request disability law information, or to muse on issues of concern. Note that, of course, on the internet, I cannot provide legal advice on particular individual cases.

Consider this an experiment in interactive blogging on disability related legal issues.

Etymology of "blog." Note that this site is already out of date. It classifies blog as a noun, and is unaware that it has become a verb.

blog (n.)
1998, short for weblog (which is attested from 1994, though not in the sense "online journal"), from (World Wide) Web + log. Joe Bloggs (c. 1969) was British slang for "any hypothetical person" (compare U.S. equivalent Joe Blow); earlier blog meant "a servant boy" in one of the college houses (c. 1860, see Partridge, who describes this use as a "perversion of bloke"), and, as a verb, "to defeat" in schoolboy slang. The Blogger online publishing service was launched in 1999.
--- from

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